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Unique Designs
Unique Designs
Designs that are exclusive at Jay Japan that you can't find them anywhere else.
You can personalize certain products by putting your name on the back of the designs.
Secure Checkout
Secure Checkout
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Jay Japan is a cultivated Japanese-influenced clothing store. This store is mainly driven by combining traditional, modern, and the uniqueness of Japanese culture all at once. Jay Japan is open for all kinds of Japan lovers: from beginners to veterans.
From lovers that can't speak basic Japanese to lovers that can speak fluent Japanese. We believe that our store would showcase the customer's passion for the Land of the Rising Sun while having their uniqueness and personal connection combined all at once.

Our Main Collections:

  • Japanese Edition
  • Shiba Inu Collection
  • Brand Edition

Japanese Edition

We introduce to you our Japanese Edition. Through our collection, we wanted to resemble a Japanese flag you see quite often. Like the original Japanese flag, our Japanese Edition has white background which represents honesty and purity, and the red which represents sincerity and warmth.

Shiba Inu Collection

Many people heard about the Shiba Inu from dog videos, memes, or even from the iconic DogeCoin. However, as much as the videos and memes are funny and cute, we would introduce the Shiba Inu as a companion dog from Japan. Back in the medieval Japan ages, it was a hunting dog, and now it is the number one companion dog in Japan that's known for his intelligence, loyalty, and enthusiasm.

Brand Edition

Unlike the Japanese Edition, our Brand Edition would like to display two things: our love for Japan and Japanese culture while not forgetting our uniqueness and originality. It is a mix of love for the Land of the Rising Sun and what makes you YOU! So, this is our brand edition that would help you to spread your individuality and love for Japan at the same time.

Why you should choose Jay Japan?

We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn how we can make our customers feel touched whenever they purchase our products and learn many things about Japan as a country. We're convinced that most retail (or even online) stores won't generate the same experience as us.