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Shiba Inu Glossy Mug

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Product Description

How about getting a little surprise from your coffee cup in the morning? I present to you the Shiba Inu Glossy Mug. It's a color-changing mug that turns completely black whenever you drink cold drinks, but when you drink something hot (such as hot coffee in the morning), it'll reveal the Shiba Inu design. Also, when hot drinks cool down, it turns back to black. The constant hot-and-cold would make this your favorite mug to choose. It'll be a nice way to start your day while reading the newspaper or watching TV in the morning. The mug is made of safe, environmental ceramic, and it's safe for hand-washing. Only limited quantities available here so don't miss your chance of getting the Shiba Inu Glossy Mug!

Shiba Inu Glossy Mug Information:

  • Ceramic
  • Black glossy finish when cold
  • Reveals the print when exposed to hot liquids
  • Dimensions: height - 3.54'' (8.9 cm), diameter - 3.35" (8.5 cm)

*Note that in some instances the coating might not be 100% opaque and an outline of the design might peek through a little. You shouldn't put mugs in a microwave or dishwasher since it can damage the coating. Plus, don't expose it to sunlight for a long time, and don't scrape the printing with sharp tools.