Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by the members of the Jay Japan community.

What do you guys usually sell at your Jay Japan online shop?

Jay Japan would mostly sell products that deal with Japan and Japanese culture in any way. From anime and Shiba Inus to the actual Japanese flag itself.

How long will my order be shipped?

It will mainly take about 2-5 business days for non-apparel items (mugs, backpacks, etc.) and 2-7 business days for apparel items to be fulfilled and shipped. After that, it mainly depends on where you're located at so our nearest facilities would ship it to you as soon as possible. To check on how long it'll take for it to be delivered, please check the Shipping and Delivery tab.

Do you sell anime and manga merch?

Not at the moment, but there will be some unique designs dealing with anime and manga coming soon!

How can I find the sizes of the clothes?

We have a size chart on all apparel products so you can find the right size. But be warned. You'll have to find your ideal size before making the purchase, so I would be recommend taking the time to find your size.

Are all payment methods acceptable?

Yes, we do accept all payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal. Your credit card and personal information are completely safe, so you can shop and buy whatever you want. Just make sure to have enough money for other things besides the products in Jay Japan such as groceries and cell-phone bills.

What makes your company better than the rest?

There are tons of reasons that Jay Japan can beat the competition. Great customer service, unique designs that are exclusively here in the store, safe shopping, and entertaining and interesting blogs that can interest any customer coming. So, you can be safe during your shopping and learn something new about Japan and Japanese culture. Plus, you can even personalize your products by putting your name on the back of the shirt.

Wait! You can personalize here??

That's correct! There are certain products in our store you can personalize as your own by clicking the button that says "Personalize Design". I highly recommend you personalizing the product of your choosing! We have our Personalized Products category so all our products tht can be personalized are placed in there.



For any more questions, please contact with the Contact Us tab.