• Japanese and Anime Merch
  • Free Shipping WorldWide
  • Gift Cards Are Now Available!
  • Japanese and Anime Merch
  • Free Shipping WorldWide
  • Gift Cards Are Now Available!


What do you guys usually sell at your store?

Jay Japan would mostly sell products that deal with Japan and Japanese culture in any way.

And yes... since anime and manga is part of Japanese culture, we do sell products like that as well...

However, there are other cool things that you can buy here such as kimonos.

Is shipping really free? Or there's a catch?

No catch at all. Shipping and handling are completely free for anyone and everyone.

How can I find the sizes of the clothes?

We have a size chart on all apparel products so you can find the right size. But be warned. Almost all of our sizes are Asian size, so for people outside of Asia, it might be really small, so it's best to go one or two sizes bigger. Plus, because it's measured manually, it might be 1-3cm off. So please check for your ideal size before placing an order. 

Are all payment methods acceptable?

Yes and no. While we do accept all major international credit cards, at the moment, we can't do Paypal because of difficulties in my end. So for now, we can't do Paypal purchases. Jay Japan would only do purchases from credit cards.

And don't worry. Your credit card and personal information are completely safe, so you can shop and buy whatever you want. Just make sure to have enough money for other things besides the products in Jay Japan such as groceries and cell-phone bills.

What makes your company better than the rest?

There are tons of reasons that Jay Japan can beat the competition. Great customer service, high-quality products to choose from, safe shopping, and entertaining and interesting blogs that can interest any customer coming. So, you can be safe during your shopping and learn something new about Japan and Japanese culture.

However, the one thing Jay Japan will offer soon is members making product recommendations. They will ask what kind of products they want to be placed in the store, but this offer is for only members and long-term customers.

For any more questions, please contact wit the Contact Us tab.